An Important Message from The Palace Theater Oakland




Dearest Supporters of The Palace Theater Oakland,


The Palace Theater finds herself in dire need of an investor(s) that can pull off moving financial mountains by DECEMBER 5TH, 2015!

This is imperative in order to keep The Palace Theater open to the community as a flexible venue and restore it to it full historical glory!

Please click here to donate to our GoFundMe campaign!

What will help us save this theater:

  • $500,000 USD by the December 5, 2015 to hold the building with a down payment!!!!!
  • 1 million USD to fully buy the building!!!
  • Everyone telling all the good folks you know to tell all their friends until we find the right investor by December 5th.
  • Investing in our kickstarter (coming soon) & gofundme campaigns. It helps us keep up with the lease and bills. Any extra helps us pay for cleaning, general supplies for upkeep and restoration and a crew to run the office and venue.



                                           DEADLINE: DECEMBER 5TH, 2015!!!


Why the Palace Theater is a good investment:

  • It is one of the most sound property investments in the Bay Area right now. LDL’s exclusive, limited time buying price is set at 1 million USD and the theater is currently appraised at 2.7 million USD.
  • The City of Oakland and other developers have many revitalization projects slated for this area that should raise the property value exponentially in the next 5 years.
  • It has very high National Historical status potential, making grants and tax credits available.
  • Years of skill and thousands of long hours have built a solid business plan for the theater as a flexible venue and home for unique and cutting edge, immersive theater company. Which is currently running inside the venue smoothly and has been successful and steadily growing up to this point.
  • We recently joined forces with SmashWolf Productions to make the theater a fully stocked plug and play events venue. We now have some of the finest sound and lights in the country.
  • We are an inclusive business that supports and values our neighbors and Oakland / Bay Area artists. We strive to be an example of how to work within the community to bring the best type of progress to our beautiful city.
  • We are capable of doing a lot with very little. It will be astouding and lucrative to see what we can accomplish with investment.
  • If for some reason LDL moves from the building, you will make money on the sale of the building.
  • The Palace Theater and her neighborhood deserve to be revitalized in a beautiful and inclusively caring fashion.

Our original plan was a 5 year lease-to-own where we would be able to amass the money needed over time and would pay that money off in inflated monthly rent payments. Unfortunately, our circumstances have changed and we need to immediately reconfigure our financial plans or face losing our beloved building to a church that is ready to buy the building outright in December 2015.

Here are some things we do have!

  • A strong and active business plan that can be applied moving forward.
  • A beautiful venue that is currently worth more than double the current purchasing price.
  • A community that deserves and will fully utilize a place like The Palace Theater.
  • A neighborhood that loves the venue and is fully supportive of both what we have already done and what we plan to do in the future.

The only thing we’re missing, is that investor to step through the swiftly closing door to infinite possibility, and experience this building breathing to life!


We have our investment package and business plan ready, upon serious inquiry. Please email us directly if you, or somebody you know, is interested in becoming our investor and partner in this amazing project.


Please check in frequently with our website and facebook page for more upcoming information and updates.


Come on by and play with us! This Friday Nov 27th LDL, Inc. presents The Show Must Go On – A Black Friday Event! In honor of The Palace Theater Oakland!   

We hold so much gratitude in our hearts for all of the efforts that have already gotten us this far. We love and appreciate all of you, our incredible and generous supporters… Thank you to all of our friends and family!

With respect and honor,

Lucid Dream Lounge, Inc. & The Palace Theater Oakland


October Newsletter

We open this letter bearing unhappy news, but wish to dedicate this month’s newsletter to our beloved
Jeremiah Young  September 20th, 1978 – October 9th, 2015


~Jeremiah Young  September 20th, 1978 – October 9th, 2015~
It is with heartfelt sadness we share that our dear friend
Jeremiah Young passed away Friday, October 9th, 2015.  He
was a kind and gentle hearted soul who befriended everyone.
Jeremy was an integral part of the Palace and Lucid Dream
Lounge team and one of the founders of Melting Woman.
He was a lover of music, science, nature, animals and people.
Our sincerest condolences to those who knew him.
~May you shine forever in our hearts.~

**Please keep an eye peeled for a special Palace Theater Kickstarter email from us in the near future!**

Covenly Creations, Lost in Tea Productions and members of the Concentric Collective Present:  The Surreal Reveal  Friday, October 30th, 2015 at 7:30pm

Immersive Theater Event


☯ ✡ ☨ ✞ ✝ ☮ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭☯ ✡ ☨ ✞ ✝ ☮ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭

An electronicallly charged evening of Terror, Trash, Satire & Class, sure to titillate and exhilarate guests playful and sardonic alike!

A fully immersive Theatrical Experience awaits you, dearests, known only as the “Surreal Reveal”, a twisted take on modern horror that combines elements of a Jerry Springer-esque Freak Show with good old fashion get-down bass party for an evening of performance and vexingly good times unlike anything you’ve experienced before…. all housed in the decadent and ancient venue known as the Palace Theater ….

☯ ✡ ☨ ✞ ✝ ☮ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭☯ ✡ ☨ ✞ ✝ ☮ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭

A Very Heavy Agenda Pt. 1 Thursday, November 5th, 2015 at 7:00PM

Film Screening


Post 9/11, the War on Terror had outlived its usefulness.  The U.S. needed a new enemy, so they chose an old one — Russia.

Pulse SF Presents: Ace Ventura Saturday, November 7th, 2015 at 10:00PM


There are very few artist with the pedigree and success that Yoni Oshrat’s career has enjoyed. He is a true legend in trance in every since of the word. With his original project Psysex together with Dj Goblin, their 3 releases on HOMmega (Official) Records were instrumental in establishing Israel as one of the top psytrance countries in the world!

Now in his 9th year with the Ace Ventura project he has already taken home multiple Psytrance artist of the year awards from Beatport as well as consistently owning multiple releases at any given time in the Beatport top 100 charts, and headlining the biggest festivals in the world! With his new hit album “Paradise Engineering” released this year on Iboga Records, he has proved once again why he is considered the best in the genre.

International Black Women’s Film Festival December 4th-7th, 2015

For more festival details please click here.


December 4, 2015 at 5:30PM


December 6th, 2015 at 5:30PM

program 3

December 8th, 2015 at 5:30PM


December 11th, 2015 at 5:30PM



Movie Malarchy! – “Serial Mom”

Get out the station wagon and sensible shorts, its time for the most mainstream of John Waters films, the great “Serial Mom”!

“An outwardly perfect suburban housewife leads a secret life as a psychopathic killer in this gleefully dark satire. When the woman’s crimes — all committed to uphold her vision of family values — are revealed, the housewife becomes a media sensation, winning the hearts of millions.”

From Rotten Tomatoes:

“The film may be a bad-boy satirist’s mournful acceptance that America has finally become sicker than anything he could dream up.” – Rob Gonsalves –

Doors at: 7:30pm
Show at 8:15pm

$5 and free popcorn!

Self Service Snack Bar with many tasty treats and refreshments!

Film! Conversations! Fun!

The Palace Theater Oakland
1445 23rd Ave @ E15th St.
Oakland, CA


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Camp Question Mark Presents; The Carnival

8/7/2015 Friday……  Come one, Come all… to The Carnival!
As the caravan comes through, we gather to build a sensory enhancement experience to stimulate your mind, body & soul. This carnival is here to make you do more than just watch the show. Enticing you to play, move & dance with the freaks! You will be compelled to sway by a musical lineup crafted precisely to compliment the entire night perfectly. Step right up & hear the sounds!…

Must see what we’re building in this amazing new venue. This gorgeous full theater is the perfect setting for our full staging and decorations. Prepare for something special!

The Evening’s Audio Ringmasters-

◊ gLAdiator ◊

◊ AWE ◊ [Terrorhythm / TeamSupreme] *1st Bay Area Appearance!! DON’T MISS THIS***

◊ UM.. ◊ [*1st Bay Area Appearance! *Featured Performer]

◊ TREVOR KELLY ◊ [ShadowTrix / Foundations / Muti / Camp?]

◊ THE ORIGINALZ ◊ [Saturate / Gravitas]


◊ SKULLTRANE & CARLY D ◊ [1st collab set!]

◊ SUGARDADDY ◊ [Intellitard & Krakinov 1st collab set!]



~HUGE Full System from PK Sound
~Live Circus Performances
~Stunning Live Visuals from- •Third Eye Projections
~Massive Camp? Staging & Decor (We are doing it BIG for this show! Come see the full stage being prepared for Burning Man)
~Complete night of perfect music for guaranteed turn up
~Live Painting from-
•Rolandos Art
•Derek Heinemann
•Dustin Derego
~Top Vendors featuring Unique Creative Items

9pm – 3am / 21+



Movie Malarchy! – “True Romance” 1993

This week, we present the classic modern noir, True Romance, 1993. Directed by the late Tony Scott, and written by Quentin Tarantino.

Christian Slater stars as a boy who meets a girl, challenges pimp for her honor, and tries for one last score…

“Compared with other works of sadism-laced marginalia “True Romance” has a lot more consistency and a much surer sense of dark humor. (This film is closer in spirit to something like “Winter Kills,” another cameo-filled bit of craziness.) From its opening scene, in which a disconsolate comic-book salesman named Clarence Worley (Mr. Slater) and a woman sit in a bar discussing which of them would be more willing to sleep with Elvis Presley, this film sticks to its own stylistic guns, which often call for guns of the real kind. “True Romance” has occasional moments of very ugly violence, which it savors just as much as it enjoys wickedly tongue-in-cheek wisecracks and reveries.” – New York Times Review, 1993

Doors at 7:30
Show at 8:15

$5 and free popcorn!

Self Service Snack Bar with many tasty treats and refreshments!

Film! Conversations! Fun!

The Palace Theater Oakland
1445 23rd Ave @ E15th St.
Oakland, CA