Movie Malarchy – Santa Sangre

Movie Malarchy!

March 13th, 2015

This edition features the strange and beautiful, Santa Sangre. Heres what the great Roger Ebert had to say about this film, in his August 2003 review,

“The quality that Jodorowsky has above all is passionate sincerity. Apart from his wildly creative style, apart from his images, apart from his story inventions, he has strong moral feelings. He has an instinctive sympathy for Fenix, who was born into a world of fanaticism and cruelty, and has tried, with the help of a deaf girl and a dwarf, to get back the soul that was warped by his father and trapped by his mother. Maybe one difference between great horror films and all the others is that the great ones do not celebrate evil, but challenge it…”

As always just $5 and that comes with a bag of popcorn!

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Fun! Conversations! Couches!

Doors at 7:30, Program at 8pm!

The Palace Theater Oakland

1445 23rd Ave @ E15th St.

Oakland, CA 94606


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